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The PhyxAll Corp. is an entrepreneurial sales and marketing company dedicated to bringing innovative products to a worldwide market. The company was founded by Carson Manning in 2000, with the introduction of Phyx-All, the most extraordinary adhesive and filler system ever made. Market response was very positive. The product was re-branded in 2007 as Insta-Fix and continues to grow market share and a loyal customer base. The PhyxAll Corp. is located near Toronto, Canada.

Our mission is to develop and market innovative products of the highest standard and quality


Insta-Fix is the most extraordinary adhesive and filler system ever made for home and professional use. It repairs almost anything – instantly! 


limited only by your imagination

Insta-Fix is a trademark of The PhyxAll Corp.

Insta-Fix is the result of years of testing and research to create the most extraordinary adhesive and filler ever made. Engineers in our laboratories were not satisfied with currently available super glues, which were tricky to use, unreliable, and dried out after only a couple of uses. They set out to create a product that was easy to use, with near instant drying time, worked well in a variety of applications, and would last longer in the bottle. Now home and professional users of the product are able to make quick, easy, time and money saving repairs/fixes. With this phenomenal innovation in technology now you have a nearly unlimited range of adhesive and bonding possibilities.

Insta-Fix is marketed to home, car, boat, pool, and cottage owners via infomercial, and retail. Insta-Fix is marketed to commercial/industrial, plumbing, pool/ spa, automotive, and other professional market distributors via the company sales force.

Insta-Fix has ISO/TS 16949-202 and QS9000/ISO9002 certification.

Phyx-All is currently developing new products – stay tuned for more!

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